Head massage is a form of massage treatment. It doesn’t cover face massage. The main objective of head massage is to overcome negative energies from our body, due to which health problems are rising. Here are the most Benefits of head massage



  • Head massage also makes hair roots more substantial and the skin of your scalp healthy.
  • The scalp massage method has been going on for many centuries and has brought many advantages to people.
  • Head massagers and hairstylists often use head massages to reduce stress and emphasize a little.
  • But by adopting some easy techniques, you can also do a head massage at home.
  • So let us tell you how to do head massage, massage oil, benefits of head massage.

Five benefits of head massage

The advantages of head or hair massage are as follows-

2. Prevents migraines

Head massages help to reduce and also stop migraines problems. Massaging the top with two fingertips helps to scale back the pain. Make sure the oil is lukewarm when getting used.

 2. It helps to calm a Headache.

The only cure for headaches is with the assistance of natural remedies. To preserve your continuous pains, massage your head with essential oils. The aroma of the oil will help affect the pain.

3. Head massage detoxifies the body.

Head massage rinses the lymphatic gland and stimulates immunity. Massage arouses the bloodstream to the neck and eliminates toxins from the body. In this way, your body detoxifies.

  4. Accelerates memory and improves concentration

It is essential to keep the brain healthy. In this case, head massage enhances blood flow in the nerve system and slackens the brain. Head massage relieves you from stress and also helps oxygen reach to brain. Calming your mind also increases your consciousness and improves concentration.

 5. Head massage enhances hair growth.

If you’re troubled by dandruff, dry hair, or hair loss, head massage helps prevent these problems.

Head massage makes hair grow faster, and if you are taking a head massage with the proper technique, your hair can become long and thick.

How to Give a Head Massage

Massage the head in this way-Sit in a quiet place.

Sit in such a peaceful place where you are doing not get distracted. Also, confine your mind that the place’s temperature where you’re sitting is neither too hot nor too chilled.

Give relaxation to the person whose head massage you are going to do It is essential that when you start a massage, tell the person whose head massage you are about to do. They should say to you immediately if anything is painful or the pressure is just too intense.

Start massaging from the shoulder.

Place your hands comfortably on their arms as you both take some long breaths. Gently begin squeezing the trapezius, starting on the neckline’s brink and dealing your way outside to the peninsula.

Return to the neck and reform three times, providing the pressure to raise each pass.

Bring the hand back up next to the neck with the thumbs continued and begin making little circles with the vertebrae’s fingers and even surface.

Proceed with the rounds up the rear of the neck until you enter the hairline. Lower the hands back down and continue for two more times.

Neck massage

Move to one side of the person and put your backhand at the root of their cervix and your foremost hand on their forehead.

Through your front hand, very light pressure is merely wont to keep the top from falling forward.

With the backhand, spread the thumb and fingers and glide up the neck’s back; it avoids putting pressure directly on the vertebra.

Once you enter the hairline, remain there for a flash with light force on the top’s rump. Lower the backhand and repeat this about five times.

Start head massage

Turn the hair of these whom you massage initially, then keep the thumbs of both hands upwards and keep them on the side of the top.

Now apply light force and slowly run your hands. 

Turn your fingers into the hair as you shampoo your hair. Try your fingers touching the surface of the top.

Now massage the head in the same direction by moving the hands to other areas of the head. Repeat this process four to five times.

Massage hair with fingers

  • Put the thumbs of both your hands behind the top within the hair of the person you’re massaging.
  • Then, from the back, take the figure round to the front section of the head.
  • Then rub with the claw till the forehead. Now keep the thumbs of both palms on the surface of the head and massage round and round. Similarly, continue this method three times.
  • Hold the top side by side with one hand and put the other hand on the forehead.
  • Now massage the thumbs placed on the temples to the rear of the top. Do this method for one minute.
  • When you move the fingers behind the shelter, lighten the pressure slightly.

Best head massage techniques

Some best techniques to get ahead massage are-

  1. Rotating massage
  2. Zigzag massage
  3. Pressure massage
  4. Vibrating massage
  5. Enveloping massage
  6. Final relaxing massage

How to do the head massage yourself

Massage in your head is effortless, and it removes your stress quickly. Here are some tips to massage your head yourself.

Sit in a place where your attention didn’t go on the other side. You can focus on yourself. While starting this process, you can watch TV or listen to slow music.

Keep the fingers of both your hands on the forehead. Bring them in the middle of the forehead. Place your thumb in the middle of the forehead, and you will get support. Apply intense pressure at this place. Apply pressure again and again.

Now bring the fingers slightly above the forehead and near hair. Up your thumbs with it. Here again, pressurize and remove the bar as before. In this posture, go slowly with your finger near your scalp. Also, pressurize the head as before and remove it.


Many researchers have proved that head massage is beneficial during headaches. Massage of the head improves blood flow in the brain and reduces muscle tensions. Apart from these, head massage has more advantages like it helps get adequate sleep, strengthen the roots of the hair, keep the mind calm and increase concentration.

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