Get Attractive Lip Makeup | Red Lip Makeup Step By Step

Lips are the most beautiful and attractive part of our face and their looks are the most important. everyone loves to have perfect pout Lip Makeup, girls are very conscious about their makeups looks and lips.

How To Do Lip Makeup ? | Red Lip Makeup Step By Step

Today is the time where each of the girls wanna have a beautiful fuller lip that is tinted pink clean and black pigmented free.

We always apply any lipstick to get an instant makeup look it’s so easy to get ready without any other makeup on the face, whether it’s a school, college or working girls they use to do lipstick on daily basis.

If you open up a ladies regular used handbag then you find other things that may not but you definitely find at least one lipstick of their favourite shade’s.

Well on a regular basis we don’t wear a lot of foundation or other makeup on the face before applying lipstick but directly apply the lipstick but then you notice that maybe your lipstick¬† is not lasting for a long time and on the other hand

It’s also giving you the exact shade you wish to get so girls let me know one thing that this is also a technic to apply lipstick on perfectly that how do you get the perfect pouty lip and the perfect shade even how to make your lipstick long-lasting. So without doing any further due let’s start it.

if you are going for any special occasions like any gathering, any outing, for a wedding or any party so never skip these skip it’s gonna very helpful to you for your beautiful lips.

Red Lip Makeup Looks


Red lip Makeup Tutorial

1. First of all never skip or forget to scrub your lips take the small granules of sugar s and rub them on your lips mixing with lemon juice it will remove all the dead cells and dead skin from the lips and make it smooth and pink.

2. Then apply any hydrating lip balm that will give a moisturiser touch to your lip and make it soft as well.

Now apply some primer on the lips and then apply any of your favourite concealer or foundation on your lips that gives good coverage and then set this coverage with a loose powder.

3. Now give a contour to your lips if you have a flat or small kind of lips so just contour over the upper lips and then under the lower lip to give a shadow and create a pouting lip then draw a lip line with lip liner before applying lipstick don’t forget to follow your natural lip lines.

The lip liner will guide you to follow the perfect lip shape.

4. well now apply your favourite lipstick either. creamy base or liquid. And just very lightly apply the highlighter on the cupid bow means the upper middle part over the lip.

So yes now you are done. And then finally just apply some makeup fixer to make it long-lasting. And now you are done to go out.


So the biggest query that is raised here is that ok to put foundation on the lips before applying makeup so the answer is yes you should apply foundation on lips.

Because many of us avoid it or even some people don’t even know that foundation is the thing is for apply on lips before lipstick they skip this step and that’s why their makeups don’t last long in the compare of those who doesn’t skip this step.

It’s a professional technique every professional makeup artist use to do it because they know it’s important.

All of us don’t have good pink or fresh lips all the times many times because of environmental impact, health, smoking problems and other issues like these make our lips dull and damaged.

So when we apply any concealer or foundation over it then it will cover all these spots or pigmentation of lip and give the fresh lipstick colour and make it long last as well.

after scrubbing your lips moisturise them with any lip balm and then go ahead with other steps.

Never skip primer apply primer and then conceal your lips with any foundation or concealer then set it with powder then the contour of the lip is optional totally then apply some highlighter on the lips and over the cupid bow and now draw a lip line with a lip liner following

All your natural lip line but remember one thing that if you have a small flat kinda lip then always draw the lip lines just one point above the natural lip line to show it more obvious and vibrant or bigger than your actual lip size.

Now apply any of your favourite lipstick shades now it will be more vibrant and beautiful than before if you don’t use foundation then it will fade up your lipstick very soon first and then even won’t give the exact shade of the lipstick. So this is the main step you need to follow.


First of all, as mentioned above you have to follow all the steps to get the perfect lip colour in order to get the perfect shade of lipstick.

Like eyes, our lips are also saying a lot with its gesture like it’s to say that every part of our body says a lot about us in the psychological sense so our gestures speak more than our words so similarly our looks and style also has a strong impact

These things also really matter that how are we styling or making up ourselves according to the occasions is also really a considerable thing.

We can’t go out at our workplace in the get up of a party or wedding. We need to understand the difference that how should we prepare ourselves according to the occasions and situations.

Well however while keeping this in our sense we should get ready and should have the makeup according to that.

There are many kinds of makeup trending now a day like nude makeup look, wedding makeup looks, simple makeup look, glowy and party so on.

And one of the most important things about makeup is that what colour of lipstick you are applying because it’s the lipstick shade that gives your makeup look a big compliment.

Today’s generation’s big demand is nude lipstick shade they are just looking by inspiring their favourite actresses or influencers by social media it’s become a trend the nude lipstick shade. So now let’s come to this point that how to get that look.

First, follow up on all the steps as mentioned above. scrub your lips then moisturise and then prep it then apply any lip balm to hydrate your lips then prep it out and then apply any foundation or concealer for hiding any kind of pigmentations.

Then set this with powder now apply the highlighter on the cupid bow now apply the lip liner following the natural lip line of your lips then now apply your favourite lipstick shade.

Then to make it long-lasting and transfer-proof take a dry tissue put it on your lips then do some dusting off any loose powder by powder brush now remove the tissue it’s done.

It makes your lipstick long-lasting and give you a flawless matte look and at the same time non-transferable.

If you want a shiny lipstick look then apply any shimmery shade of eyeshadow from the eyeshadow pallet apply the shade with the help of fingers just give a dab touch and now here you go you will find a big difference than before.

It’s some hacks and tricks of lip makeup that all the girls should know. So just go for it without thinking anything.



Lipsense is a cosmetic product and from SENE GENCE.Its a link between lipstick and lip gloss.

It’s helped many women to get their favourite lip shade of their wish and the best thing is that it’s wax-free, gluten-free and easy to apply as well it even smells less, is waterproof and long-lasting product.

How to apply lip makeup

How To Do Lip Makeup ? | Red Lip Makeup Step By Step


1. Just scrub your lips to make a smooth surface.

2. Now don’t need to apply any of the primer or concealer as the traditional way of lip makeup don’t use anything.

3. Now shake the lip sense gloss and all the ingredients get to mix and come in the form and then apply the first coat.

4. let it dry for 10 seconds at least then apply other coats with the gap of 10 seconds among each.

5. After application in the whole lip very carefully that there is no resistant between them now let it dry and then seal it with any gloss and yes it’s done.

If you are looking for a long-lasting lip gloss then it’s a good option it stays long as well as it’s waterproof and non-transferable too.

  • Propylene glycol
  • Parabens
  • Leaf extracts
  • Glucose
  • Silica
  • Parfum
  • Disodium EDTA


So many of you looking for the answer that is it’s ok for your lips so the answer is yes it’s ok to use but remember one thing that it’s if you are using it at least one time in one week don’t try to use it on the regular basis or Daily basis yeah it’s ok

But don’t include it in your makeup routine because some of the ingredients are contained in this are threatened to be toxic as per the new investigation of cosmetologists it’s thought to be allergic to the organ when it comes in the touch with them.

So before using it you need to know about the product in detail so I hope that is article may help you somehow could solve some of your questions as well. Before buying any product know details about them.

The cosmetic database gives 3 over 10 to the ingredients in this lipsense. The ingredients in it are absolutely botanical and non-toxic so using it is ok for you girls it won’t harm you any way and don’t worry it’s free of any kinds of nonveg materials.

Why it’s expected to be bad?

The ingredients in these lipsense glosses are included propylene glycol and other ingredients containing antifreeze, paint and electronic cigarette, ferric ferrocyanide is expected to affect the organs as it may cause toxic when it comes in touch with the organs. But one more thing is that it suits all types of skin.

Hope this article may helpful for you and could solve some of your confusion regarding your queries.

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