How To apply Makeup For Beginners Step By step

Makeup For Beginners Make-up is an art and not everyone is an artist everyone want to look pretty and beautiful but not everyone knows the right products and their right way of applications.

How To apply Makeup For Beginners Step By step

And yes it’s not possible for everyone to the parlour every time cause it’s yet costly and may be unmanageable for us. So now here well will discuss how to apply makeup for beginners.


And if you are keen on makeup but have no idea about it so it gonna pretty much be useful for you. so let’s get start it.


Best Makeup Kit 

How To apply Makeup For Beginners Step By step
  • CTM(cleansing.toning moisturizing)
  • Primer
  • concealer
  • bronzer
  • contour
  • Foundation 
  • compactor lose powder
  • eyeshadow pencil
  • eyeshadow palette 
  • kajal
  • eyeliner
  • false lashes
  • Mascara
  • blush
  • Highlighter
  • lip liner 
  • lipstick 
  • makeup fixer.

How To Apply Makeup For Beginners

First of all, we have to clean up our face with CTM then use a light moisturiser if you are doing makeup at night time otherwise use any of our favourite sun’s cream on your face and then apply any of the primers like a pro what makes the skin smooth and close all the open pores of our skin.

so the next step is to conceal the dark area on our face like the under-eye area. lip corners and any spots on our face.

Apply some concealer or orange corrector on the dark area of the face.

Now apply any foundation of your shade and blend them completely with a damp beauty blender.

it gives you a flawless finishing. Move ahead now set this base with any compact or loose powder.

Eye makeup is the main focus of our makeup so now start this in a few steps.

apply any transition shade from your natural eyeshadow palette.

Now take any matte eyeshadow colour and apply it from the outer to the inner corner of the eye blend this well and now have any shimmery colour and apply this on the eyelid very slightly don’t apply this in over amount.

it will give you a glam look. now apply any eyeliner, kajal and mascara and false lashes. lashes are totally optional and as per your wish. Now highlights the inner corner of the eye.

Here one of the most important things is to set your eyebrows properly. so very carefully choose the shade that needs to be close to your eyebrows colour.

Because choosing the wrong shade like black may give you a very unreal and horrible look.

So just apply a few strokes of the eyebrow pencil, and apply a highlighter on the brow bones. now it’s done.

Now come to the cheeks, apply any bronzer or contour from the hairlines of the ear to the middle of the lip corner.

Just apply this in a little amount for a natural look and then over this bronzer or contour apply and blush a very little amount to be a natural beauty and then apply any highlighter on the cheekbones.

Now apply any lip liner on the lips and then your fav lipstick shade. apply the highlighter on the cupid bow means the upper part of the lip and on the nose bridge.

It’s all done here now fix your makeup with any makeup fixer and now You are ready for your outing.

How To Apply Makeup For hodded Eyes

Everyone has different shapes and angles of their face and has different features so just like that they have a variety of eyes.

And eye makeup is the main centre of focus so before doing we need to understand their shapes and then according to their need to do makeups.

Eyes with small lids which touches the upper part of eyes the crease line when you open it is called hodded Eyes. 

so in such eyes, we can’t apply any dark colours cause it will totally cover the eyelid and it will look totally faded.

So we can’t apply any dark warm colours like blue, red, and dark brown and such eyes, we need to apply some cool colour shades like silver, light pink, light brown, yellow, golden etc.


1. First prep the eyelid and make a base with primer and concealer and set it with loose powder.

2. then apply any light eyeshadow shade in the crease area from out to the inner corner and blend it very well.

3. Then applying any shimmery shade according to your choice then apply a very thin eyeliner with fewer wings and then apply the kajal, not in the whole eyes but apply it in the half of your water will make your eyes a bigger look than before.

Now highlight the inner corner of the eye. apply some mascara now it’s done.

How To Use Makeup Highlighter

There are a lot of types in the makeup world and a lot of kinds of makeup are there. different artists or many people do makeups according to occasions and as per their choice.

Many people like to have very subtle nude and matte makeup. And many times people like to have a very beautiful glam look that shines on their face. So now let’s learn how to get that glowy glamorous look.

A highlighter is one of the most important parts of makeup. but all you need to know that what are zones needs to be applied.

As it’s obvious it’s a highlighter so it needs to be applied to the high zones of the face.

Choose the highlighter incorrect shade and then apply it to the brow bones.

Then apply the highlighter on the nose bridge.

Over the cheekbones. over the cupid bow, inner corner of the eye and over the chin and other high zones of the face like the forehead. And yes it’s all done.

How To Apply Tonner For Dark Skin

Tonner is one of the most considerable things for our skin and most important too. Tonner hydrates and maintains the pH balance of the skin.

As daily we take a bath and moisturise our body and skin but the way to apply it is before moisturising your skin just clean up the face and then apply any natural base tonner. Which contains fewer chemicals.

According to the dermatologist, the tonner is one of the most beneficial solutions for your skin PH balance maintenance.

It hydrates the skin by getting into the deep layers and then maintaining the natural skin colour.

There’s a lot of tonners available in the market or in the many beauty product sites. You can get them from Amazon,flipkart,, and Nykaa so on.

Aloe vera base tonner is good for dry skin.

Cucumber base tonner is good for oily and sensitive skin.

Rose oil base tonner is best for very dry skin and suitable for use during the winter months. and gives you a fresh glowy look.

Always try to use non-chemical based products as it’s damage our skin from inside day by day.

so choose the products very carefully. and make your skin happy healthy and glowy look.

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