How To Control Hair Fall | Hair Lose Vitamin

As we all know that hair fall is one of the most common problems in both men and women at yet it won’t have any age groups means it’ doesn’t matter that you are young or teenager an aged person.

This problem in today’s time can be seen facing every age group, everyone is facing the same issue the hair fall problem.

How To Control Hair Fall | Hair Lose Vitamin


Apart From Genetic Issues, it’s also happening because of environmental impact, Air pollution, hormonal imbalance, and stressful life, an overload of work, unhealthy foods, some medical issues, medication problems, thyroid gland imbalance, and overthinking over all other problems of life.

There is no one like her who is living a happily perfect healthy life now, everyone means everyone is fighting within his self a war though because of education, working loads, personal problems, professional problems and so on. And yes of course like the former time we are not consuming pure 100% natural organic foods.

It is full of chemicals now. Which is quite not good for our health and body organs. And the result is we are facing such problems and different types of other diseases right now.

So moving ahead and just know that how to deal with this hair fall problem at home immediately before we lost it more.

15 Best Foods For  Hair Fall Control

There are many natural ingredients we have by nature to fix our problem so just see what are they and their uses.


Normally 50 to 100 breakage of hair strands on a daily basis is normal but if it’s getting high day by day then you need to pay attention because it’s not ok. So how to stop it, see this

Take a strand of aloe vera.

Bring out all of its gel from it and apply this gel on your scalp as it’s full of goodness for hair loss, it’s moisturize your scalp reduces inflammation of the scalp and stops hair fall.

Use this 2 to 3 times a week for better results. There are also available in the market many different brands of aloe vera, so you can also go with that.



Flex seed is one of the most beneficial elements for hair growth it reduces the hair fall problem and promotes hair growth. All over the world girls are including this in their diet routine for healthy and good health. It’s a very good thing if you are taking it through as your diet food.

It has iron, protein, magnesium, phosphorus, fatty acids, and omega 3 which is very good for your hair, skin, and bones, and if these all best natural things are coming from one thing then it’s just a blessing for you. many ways are to use them.


Flex seed gel.

Take 2 tablespoons of flaxseed and 3 cups of water and let them boil, the water will get reduced and will come in form of gel then off the flame and let it cool, now strain the whole gel and apply the gel all over your hair.

Wash it off after 30 to 45 minutes,  it will promote your hair growth magically and repair the scalp, breakage of the hair strand, moisturize the hair make it more shiny and healthy and repair the tissues of hair and hair follicles and give you a healthy natural beautiful hair.try this 3 to 4 times a week for the best results.

flex seed oils are also available in the market easily. so take the oil and have a massage on the scalp of hair at least for times a week and you will feel the difference.


Massage is good for your body and your hair too as it removes the stress and all the laziness and makes you feel good and so relaxed. It makes the tissues active and promotes blood circulation and it does the same in our hair too.

So you all need is just to make a mixture of two oils you can also do it with only oil but if you do it with a mixture of 2 oils so it gives the best results. Take 2 to 3 spoons of coconut oil as a base and add any castor oil, amla oil, almond oil, or olive oil u can use any of these with coconut oil. Then with the double boiling process heat it.


Take a bowl add this oil now add lemon juice if anyone has an itching scalp problem so just add it with this and then in a large bowl heat some water and then keep this mixture’s bowl in that water bowl then after when it also becomes warm bring it out and then massage your scalp to end of the hair with this oil and then give evaporation your scalp.

Just put a towel in the warm water and squeeze the extra water and then cover your all hair withing it and leave for 5 to 7 minutes and then use any hair pack of your choice apply the pack for 45 minutes and then wash your hair with any mild shampoo.

it will reduce the hair fall problem, split ends, hair gray problems and make your hair grow fast as well.


How To Control Hair Fall | Hair Lose Vitamin


Onion also works as a hero about hair problems. It has very good properties to reduce hair fall problems.

It works very well that your hair becomes very fast in growth and removes the hair fall problems. Onion is one of the best about hair fall control. it enriches with the goodness of properties and it is full of sulfur that is needed to get strong long and beautiful hair by roots.


just you need is to make a paste of onion and then squeeze all its juice by any strainer and then apply it on the scalp to full hair length.

leave for almost 30 minutes and then wash it with normal water and shampoo your hair. and use it 2 to 3 times a week for best results.

Apart from this, you can also use oil made of onion which is easily available in the market or any other site.


Well, all the vitamins are good for our health what help us to live a healthy life what makes our immune system more strong and that we could fight against any illness or harmful disease.

Vitamins can be taken by many sources, some of us take them through foods or some take them through in the shape of medicine.

There are many drug companies who made the vitamins capsules and other tonics for us and those who have any problems like foods are not enough source of it for them so the doctors recommend them to get the vitamins by this way or many people take many calcium or vitamins capsules for being healthy and fit.

So the point is that these vitamins are not merely good for our health but they are even good for our bones, skin, and hair too.

Directly or indirectly they affect our all systems, Moreover, all the vitamins are good but Vitamin. A, B, C, D, E plays an important part in the health of hair.


Vitamin A is one of the most important vitamins that our body cell needs to get growing. the vitamin is also very good for our hair and for a healthy scalp.

It does not make sure we get problem-free hair but also helps the skin gland to produce sebum, which makes the scalp moisturize and prevents dryness, and also prevents breakage and messy hair.

It heals the dry cells of hair and repairs it, but remember one thing that too much anything is maybe problematic so consuming too much vitamin A may also be harmful as it may cause hair fall problems again so take it in a limited amount or in a good amount always.


SOURCES. Egg, milk, pumpkin, carrot, butter, etc.


Vitamin B. is also another most popular and important vitamin for hair growth and hair fall problem. Because Vitamin B helps to create red blood which carries oxygen and foods to the scalp and hair follicles.

it’s also an anti-hair fall agent which is found in almost every hair supplement which promotes blood circulation and makes it healthy.

you must be heard about BIOTIN, it’s the most common vitamin B for hair,


Banana, Avocado, green veggies, cereals, and nuts, etc.


Vitamin C plays a major role in the creation of collagen which helps in the creation of healthy hair, nail, and skin.

vitamin C is the most important thing to create the collagen which helps to produce new hair, it repairs the damage of tissue, and then it’s also antioxidant, vitamin c also helps in absorbing the body of iron and it boosts the hair growth too.


Egg.Lemons,pineapple,orange,strawberries,kiwi etc.


Vitamin D is also an important vitamin for hair growth, hair follicles in the pores of our hair help to grow new hair from it and this vitamin D plays an important part to create happen this process.

It makes the hair longer, stronger and also helps in preventing existing hair fall problem and promote hair growth prepare the new follicles and increase the growth of hair.

Less Vitamin D can lead you to hair loss problems so try to get this as much as possible and the best source of taking it is just to step out in the sun and intake it for a while.

SOURCE VITAMIN D . Peas,cheese,Fish,fatty,mushrooms etc.


vitamin E is full of benefits for hair growth and hair fall problem. it’s countless in the matter for goodness for hair problems it’s like just many problems and one solution.

It benefits your hair in many ways it’s a natural antioxidant that prevents hair loss problems, inflammation of the scalp, it removes breakage which repairs the hair damaged hair and stops hair fall and provides you a healthy natural beautiful thick hair and makes it shiny too. it is full of benefits for hair.


Sunflower seeds.Avocado, Almond, Spanish, milk, etc.


Hair is a common problem in everyone, today’s generation every single person is facing it through and everyone wanna get rid of this many of the people taking expensive treatment but it’s just giving a temporary basis results or its not suitable for each of us or not all of us are able to have this treatment.

But there are also many ways that if we follow properly so more or less speed or slowly we can reach the goal to have tension-free healthy hair. We just need to take care of our food and diet to maintain the routine.


Eggs are a big source of vitamins and minerals which are very healthy and good for your health and makes the hair strong and beautiful.


Avocado is as good as taste and benefits for hair growth has Vitamin D AND A which is very important for hair growth and getting rid of hair problems.

ORANGES. Oranges are also playing a vital role in consuming vitamin c which is having antioxidant power, which increases the blood circulation of the scalp and reduces the hair fall problem.


Fish are very helpful for your beautiful hair as it has omega 3 and fatty acids which is one of the most important things for hair even people take omega 3 as supplements because it helps to get healthy hair.


Green veggies have their natural power to solve all hair, skin, and body-related problems. As they are full of sulfur, zinc, iron, magnesium, vitamins, and minerals.

It helps to create new hair follicles and gives you healthy natural beautiful thick hair and prevents the hair fall problem too.

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