How To Do Hair Spa At Home Step By Step

A hair spa is an easy way to make hair healthy, strong, and shiny. Nowadays, we don’t get much time in the running life because we can correctly take care of our hair. Washing hair with chemical shampoomakes our hair dry and lifeless.

How To Do Hair Spa At Home Step By Step
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Due to not taking proper care of the hair, many get cut off. If you feel that your hair has become very dry, oily, or lifeless, then you should have a hair spa.

A hair spa is a treatment that you can do at home, and you don’t have to spend much money on it. You can fix all your hair problems with a hair spa and give new life to your hair.

What is hair spa?

Hair spa is a particular type of treatment done in hair. Many kinds of cream, massage, and hair spa machines need in it. Before doing hair spa, your hair will check, and choose a spa cram according to your hair texture.

If you have any problem with your hair, the choice of appropriate cream and special treatment helps to correct that problem.

How many types of hair spa creams?

There are many hair spa creams available on the market? Here we choose the five best creams to get a proper hair spa-

How To Do Hair Spa At Home Step By Step
  1. L’OREAL Hair Spa gives a Deep Nourishing Cream Bath

  • L’OREAL hair spa cream enhanced with water Lilly and filtered water, this deep nourishing cream bath profoundly nourishes your hair inside and out.

  • It intensely treats and surfeits the fiber with nutrients and moisture for healthy, soft & shiny hair full of life through massage.

  • L’OREAL hair spa cream is readily available in the market at an affordable cost.

  1. Streax Pro Hair Spa with Goodness of Honey

  • Serax pro hair spa cream is rich in vitamin E, revitalizes dry hair, and maintains its volume.

  • Now gives your hair a beautiful natural shine.

  • It comes with the goodness of honey.

  1. Oxyglow Hair Spa Cream

  • The Oxyglow hair spa cream will resolve your hair fall problem.

  • This hair tonic contains a perfect blend of natural elements that will boost hair growth and will make your hair more robust in the process.

  1. Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Hydrating Cream Masque

  • The Schwarzkopf spa essence hydrating cream claims to soothe and invigorates the scalp with every use.

  • It helps restore hair growth, reconstruct hair fiber, treat the root and hair follicles, and leave behind a glossy mane.

  1. Wella SP Luxe Oil Keratin Restore Mask

  • Wella SP luxe oil keratin restore mask is an incredibly nourishing and repairing hair pack.

  • It is a comfortable, non-messy, time-saving product for a hair spa.

  • Use Wella SP luxe oil keratin restore mask, apply to a towel-dried hair, leave for 5-10 minutes, ideal for use as a weekly treatment.

Hair spa for men and women

Hair spa gives benefits to hair and conditioning the scalp and removes many hair problems. You can take a hair spa in a parlor or at home.

Let’s know what re the benefits of hair spa-

  • Hair spa improves hair growth. Hair growth was brighter and vibrant as it grows.

  • Often, the hair is visible from above, while the dirt has gone to the pores. In this case, the hair spa removes all kinds of land and treat damaged hair.

  • Nowadays, it is common for girls to have dandruff.

  • Problems of baldness and hair loss become common even among the youth. Hair spa works as a solution to these problems.

  • Rehydrating the hair makes the hair spa soft. It isn’t wrong to say that hair spa acts as oxygen for hair.

  • If the hair is getting split even after continuously trimming, then learn to pamper your hair. This spa does hair conditioning in such how that the matter of dry hair also ends.

  • Even after taking a good diet, if nutrients cannot reach the hair, the hair gets smooth and shines with a hair spa’s help.

  • Many times, even after doing a hair wash, the hair of people looks quite oily. A hair spa helps to control the oil in the hair.

  • If you are often under stress due to a busy routine, then massage done during a hair spa can give great relief. Hair spa also improves blood circulation.

  • Even though the effects of hair spa are not visible, they are permanent. Having a hair spa for a long time leads to healthy hair growth because they work on roots.

Hair spa at home

To do a hair spa-like salon at home, you will need five things

  • Hair oil 

  • Massage

  • Shampoo

  • Conditioner

  • Hair mask

  1. Head massage

Head massage is the first step to start a hair spa treatment at home. First, heat the hair oil and gently massage the head with lukewarm oil for about 15 minutes. It increases blood circulation in the head, and hair growth is profitable.

  1. Steam your hair

Dip any thick cotton towels in hot water and squeeze out the water. Wrap this towel around the hair. By this, the oil applied to the head reaches the roots. Wrap the towel in the lead for about 5 to 6 minutes. 

  1. Hair wash

Now wash the scalp with a mild shampoo. Use cold water to wash hair. Hot water is dangerous to the roots of the scalp.

  1. Hair conditioning 

After shampooing, it is also essential to apply a good conditioner to the hair. You can also use a few drops of lemon juice in boiled water or use beet paste. Later wash the hair with lukewarm water. There is no need to use shampoo anymore. 

  1. Hair mask

The last phase of the hair spa will complete by applying a hair mask. This mask can also easily made at home: mix two eggs, a spoonful of honey, and little coconut oil in a non-metallic bowl. 

With this, your hair spa treatment is complete. If you take this spa treatment even once a month, it gives complete nutrition to your hair. This spa treatment helps in making hair shiny and soft. 

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