Today’s world in which we are living is getting higher than high in fashion day by day. Each n every person wanna look best. Every one of us lives the best life as in education, in fashion, in about of foods and lifestyle n all.

So people are also becoming very conscious about their status they wanna celebrate each day of their life like as they got a new phone so they get a treat if someone succeeds in exam or interview so they want a party makeup like there are so many moments are there where people wanna celebrate and they do it very promptly.

So yes guys it’s a party and girls are very serious about their looks and style so u can’t just do a daily basis makeup here the point comes they wear makeup for such occasions.No worry girls you are on the right place here you will get some tips and information about your stunning party makeup look. let’s start it.



Step 1

So first of all you all need to start with a clean of your face. Take any cleanser and clean your face to have a beautiful party makeup look.

Take some cleanser clean the face and then moisturise your face with your regular moisturiser if you are going for a night party because parties are generally organised at night but if it’s daytime then use any suncream.

Step 2.

So now prepare a base using any of your favourite primers by your fingertips and then apply any colour corrector if it’s needed.use orange if you have very deep dark circles in the undereye or dark patches on your skin. Use pink corrector if the spot on the face is red and use yellow if the stain is white kind of.

Then apply your foundation over this which is close to your skin tone or colour and then blend this well by using a damp beauty gives you a flawless finishing.

Step 3.

now apply just one to 2 shade lighter shade’s concealer under the eye areas, over the nose bridge. over the head and beneath the cheekbones. now blend it with a damp beauty blender. It gives you good coverage.

And now set this with a loose or compact powder and now your base is locked for further steps.


Step 4.

Apply any pencil, tinted or gel for eyebrow fillings start filling it exactly to the edges of the eyebrows and give a little stroke on the hair growth directions to give a natural finish. Now clean the edge using any concealer to remove the extra and get the beautiful look.


use any lighter shade eyeshadow from the palate then go for some dark colours. There are many different types of eye makeup it’s up to you what you want to have. But it’s a party look so you must try something glamorous look.

take any dark colour according to your dress always remember that the outer side of the eyelid should be filled with dark colour and the inner corner of the eyelid should be blended with a lighter shade than the outer side.

So now apply some dark colour eyeshadow from outer to inner side in the round circling motion of your hand using a blending brush.

now take any lighter colour than the outer area. start applying it from the inner corner and then to the dark colour of the outer area.

Don’t let them like that others could notice that the two colours are separate just lightly mix the place where the two colours are mixing left no harsh line. now apply some glitter over optional and up to your wish.

Use any glitter on the lighter shade area and now apply some dramatic eyeliner and kajal now use any mascara and false lashes. and just highlights the inner corner of the eye and the brow bones.

 Step 6.

let’s move ahead eyes are done now set your face use any bronzer or contour to create a shadow and structure on the face.

Use it to the edge area of the nose bridge, under the cheekbones, under the chin, and over the forehead in contact with hairlines. Don’t use very much just a little bit to create a shadow.


Add blush on the apple of your cheeks some on the nose and over the chin. Then highlight the high zones of the face like over the cheekbone, over the nose bridge, over the chin, overview the cupid bow means the upper part of the lip.


Last but not least yet most important thing is to apply lipstick. first, apply any lip liner to create a proper lip shape then apply any liquid or creamy textured lipstick according to your makeup and dress.

if the eye makeup is heavy then use and light nude shade and then eye makeup is light then use any of your favourite dark shade colours.

So yes, you are ready now. wait don’t forget to set your makeup with any makeup fixer and now You are ready for your outing. Just set your hair and have a beautiful perfume of body deodorants and now You are all set to glam up.


Nothing is more pain full than that girls whether it’s deliberately or unconsciously you have broken your makeup product like your favourite compact or highlighter or eyeshadow or lipstick.

Yeah, it’s a girl who keeps her things very carefully even more than her money as they are very serious about their makeups so they keep their things very carefully but still, accidentally it must be happening with everyone that in spite of such measurements they fail to save their things from breaking down.

however such things breaks and their favourite things become into breakage disaster conditions. so many of us come in tension that how to fix them. in case if someone doesn’t have any knowledge so they lost their things by the way or just threw it.

But don’t worry you don’t need to throw or waste your product and money. here I am giving you some solutions to fix your things just try it as it’s awesome and works too. let’s start.


It’s not any rocket science n all you just need to know the proper material to fix them and a method too. let’s see how to do it.

In case if any of your compacts has been broken then just take all of them out from their place into a plain plastic carefully that it doesn’t fall out then make them smooth loose powder form by any makeup brush that no crumble left now pour them back to the container or place where it was and then now pour 2 to 3 spoon of rubbing alcohol on them the all of it comes wet and then clean the surface with any tissue paper just cover it whole that all extra moisturise comes out and then yes it’s fix now after drying.

whether it’s any compact or highlighter or eyeshadow. use the same method on all of such things. its works.


Lipstick is one of the most loving and favourite things in makeup for girls. Maybe anything will be there or not but it must be available in every girl’s purse. If you have done nothing so just apply some lipstick and yes you are done.

But when it’s broken so it’s very sad .so today I tell you the way to fix it you can try it to fix any cream base lipstick yes remember cream let’s see.

By chance, if any of the lipstick has broken so just do a thing that brings out the lipstick from the lipstick holder and just very lightly heats the surface with lighter or matches sticks where it’s broken and then at this moment tries to fix it with the lipstick holder or the place where it’s broken. and just clean the residue over the area and let it dry it’s fixed now.

You can also a thing if it’s impossible to fix by the above-mentioned method then try this that take off all the lipstick from its base and then melt it by heating up and then pour this liquid on an empty small container. so thus you can also preserve your fav lipstick shade. and apply whenever you want to.


Foundation is a cream, liquid or powder makeup applied to cover the spots, marks and flaws and makes the skin an even and beautiful coverage and gives a flawless finishing look.

some times it’s the same colour of your skin and sometimes it’s lighter than the skin tone colour in order to get the high coverage or change the skin colour. after applying a foundation and preparing a base makeup we do further makeup on this.

whats actually makes any makeup look just even an awesome flawless look.

There are many different types of skin colour all over the world and many makeup brands make their products and foundation as needed and aspect of their customers. There are many like.HUDA,M.A.C,KRAYOLAN,NARS,FOREVER





Everyone wanna look the best and beautiful when they appear in front of the world. They wanna look good that people appreciate them and after all looks also tell about your personality so

always should be careful about it that how are you appearing in front of society don’t matter how do you live in your home.

So before going out always make sure that your personality is looking best. And if it’s a girl so being a girl we are very conscious about our look that where are we going so get ready according to that. so let’s see what are the main points.

1. Always make sure that before wearing new makeup you have cleaned your earlier makeup.use any face wash to clean the face if you have done makeup before.

2. The best way is that always clean up your face with a cleanser. have some cleanser on the face gently massage it and then clean it with cotton or any pad and then apply any tonner and any light moisturiser and now apply a new makeup base for getting a new look.

3. Prep your face with primer then use any foundation all over the face and neck always use the same shade foundation on the neck that no difference is left on both neck and face.

Now use your fav concealer. and then blend with a damp beauty blender or any foundation brush.

lock the base with any compact or loose powder. 

4. Ready your brow to fill this with a very little amount of brow filler to be natural.

Now come to the eye makeup. Do this according to your choice and up to the occasion.

5. Apply some bronzer on the cheek under the cheekbone and apply any light shade blush on the apple of your cheeks.

6..Come to the highlighter. Highlight only the high zone of the face. Apply a highlighter on the inner corner of the eye and the brow bones lightly on the cheekbones and then cupid bow.

7. Apply the lipstick but first never n forget to underline the lips to make them fuller. Now fix it with any makeup fixer and here you go.


it’s a very difficult time for all of us as the whole world is suffering from life taking virus COVID 19. So it’s very important to all of us to keep our things and us all-time clean and hygiene.

We are doing our best about this but we need to be very careful that all the thing we are coming into contact with them also needs to be hygienic and clean except cloths and pots it’s our makeup we get in touch with that and our skin and face come in contact with that so it’s our responsibility to ensure that our makeups products are also clean and hygienic.

well, we do clean these but today let me know you, friends, that what are the main source of cleaning them.

Step 1. Always clean your makeup brushes after using them whether on your face or other just clean them by taking some cleanser on any cotton or pad and cleaning the residue over them. and now apply or spray some rubbing alcohol.

step 2. clean the things by using any damp cotton or pad with rubbing alcohol and then clean all your makeup product and always sprinkle some rubbing alcohol spry all over your products.

so it will be disinfected and clean up your things and hygiene it very well too.



Having a clean habit is very good and necessary for all of us. Just like that take of your things by yourself makes you responsible too. So never just use and throw things just use them and clean them for further and long-lasting use too.

remember one thing that makeups are also had contains chemicals so when we just apply and do not clean the tools so it may damage our face and tools too.

So same as the beauty blender if you don’t clean them a black surface appears on the blender what is harmful to your face and damages your blender very early too.

So the question is how to clean it.

Step 1. Take all your blenders in a bowl and pour them with normal or some lukewarm water and then pour any liquid dish wash or shampoo or hand wash or body wash into this bowl.

Step 2. All the blenders should be soaked in it almost for 1 hour and just squeeze out the products very well and then change the water. repeat the process 1 to 2 or 3 times and wash it off with clean water and then squeeze the extra water from all the blenders and then let it dry fully and your blenders are absolutely new like before. And ready for further use.

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