How To Eyebrow Shapes At Home Step By Step

Hello beauties, as we all know that eyebrow is one of the most attractive and important parts of our face and every girl is very obsessed with their eyebrow growth, shapes and sizes so today we will discuss that how we could pamper our Eyebrow Shapes.

How To Eyebrow Shapes At Home Step By Step
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well, many of the girls take many expensive beauty treatments like if they don’t have any properly shaped eyebrows so they use to go for cosmetologists like they have eyebrow tattooseyebrow extension and so on.



So besides we can also manage our eyebrow shapes at home by following some easy methods.

There are many types of removing unwanted hair and making perfect eyebrow shapes.

And all these shapes are based on a person’s face shapes and structure. according to the facial structure, the eyebrow shapes are based on.

SOFT ANGLED. The soft angled eyebrow is for oval and triangle shape face.

FLAT EYEBROWS. Flat eyebrows look good on a heart-shaped face person.

HARD ANGLED. A hard angled eyebrow looks good on a round and oval face structure person.

ROUND EYEBROWS. Round eyebrows are looks best on oval and square face person.


Threading is a Chinese system of removing hair .threading should be done in the opposite direction.

Eyebrows are the most beautiful and attractive thing on our face if we shape our eyebrows properly then our face will become more beautiful and attractive. we should shape our eyebrows with the help of thread.

Since here we are using a thread to shape the eyebrows that’s why it’s called threading.


1. Thread 40 no

2. Body powder

3. Cotton

4. Scissor

5. Moisturizer

6. Coldwater


first, put the powder on the eyebrows and then take the thread on the left hand and roll it with the two fingers of the left hand and the end of the thread should behold with the teeth.

the same thread should be transferred in the right-hand roll with the right hand. put your thumb and index finger on it. you may find the thread working like a scissor.

pit the thread on the eyebrows and do the threading in the opposite direction of hair growth. after completing the threading apply some moisturiser on it and slightly massage it with light hands.


How To Eyebrow Shapes At Home Step By Step
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Unwanted hair growth is one of the most disgusting protagonists of our face and body. They don’t remove easily there are a lot of types and methods on YouTube and Google who thesis to remove hair at home in just a second but all are these just such waste of time and effort because there’s a many a few who actually work on.

But yet we can say that there are some simple methods by following up we can solve our problems. but what we all need to do is we need to understand the fact and then need to know the genuine methods that really work. So yeah let’s see how it does work.

There are three types of eyebrow hair removal.

1. Epilation

2. Depilation

3. waxing

1. EPILATION This method of removing hair includes threading, tweezing and plucking with the help of a thread, just thread your hair or with the help of a tweezer or pucker just remove the unwanted hair of eyebrows.

2. DEPILATION Removing hair with the help of hair removing cream is called depilation.

As we all of us seen and heard about hair removing cream and many of us used it too

There are many like. veet and much other company’s creams are easily available in the market.

3. WAXING. Waxing is one of the easiest methods of removing unwanted hair. threading cannot help to do it. picks out hair from its roots and still, it’s not so painful.


Eyebrows are the most beautiful attractive part of our face. Its shape and structure make our face and looks more beautiful.

And only a girl can understand the importance of the eyebrows shapes, sizes and colour. We cannot experiment with it in a different way like we can’t give it any colour as we do with our tresses.

So here about the eyebrows, we need to be very careful about their shapes and sizes and structure.

if you have good healthy eyebrows then you are so lucky but not everyone is as lucky about it. before having any outing less or more each and every girl just touch up her face and look including eyebrows.

So here we will discuss how to give it a natural look a natural and perfect finish look that does not exaggerate it.

Natural eyebrow shapes

First, we need to be careful about choosing the right colour eyebrows pencil for our eyebrows. What should be exactly the same colour as our natural eyebrows?

we all are not the same in colours, regions and size etc. So just like that this world is full of people variates. And just like that many makeup Products brands prepare their products according to their customers need and want. what suits them.

If someone is fair enough then who should use a light brown shade of eyebrows pencil. that she could look natural.

or someone is medium to fair then she should choose a dark brown shade of eyebrow pencil.

Here is one thing to notice that never fill your eyebrows with heavy and darker than the colour just slightly fill it and always fill light at the start of the eyebrow and then drag it to last.

And then just exactly beneath and over the eyebrows use any concealer to remove the extra and get the beautiful look.


It’s a huge question that do you know what brush should be used to set your eyebrows properly.

Every makeup and each step can be done beautifully if you are using the right tools to set them. So just like that there’s a brush called Angled brush that a pro uses to set up the eyebrows shape.

Many people don’t have any idea about it and they ruined their eyebrows by using any other brush or tools.

So let me know you guys that there are specifically two brushes that are mainly for eyebrows is Angled brush and another one is spooky.


Take some powder or gel base eyebrows filler and then apply it to the brows that it will become a proper look.

remember one thing that always holds an angled brush in a way that the front upward side should be in front and small-angle size in the lower area of the eyebrows.

It is the method of holding it .fill the eyebrows lightly in front and back a little bit darker.

then with the help of spooly brush just comb your eyebrows that no extra products left just blend it in a combing form and now the final step is that take any foundation and concealer and apply it in the contact with eyebrows at the upper and lower side of eyebrows it gives a nice finish and makes it more vibrant and beautiful.


Having a healthy natural thick eyebrow is every girl’s dream. In today’s time, a thick and natural eyebrow is a trendsetter for everyone.

We all have seen in movies that at the time of the ’90s girls like to have thin kind of eyebrows but now as the world is being modern-day by day people are becoming very conscious about their looks and makeup.

It’s the time where a woman is competing with a man they can do what a man can. so on such busy days, everyone is not having much time to spend on makeups and parlours. they look for some simple easy and fast methods to achieve that look.

if you look beautiful naturally without any makeup then you are always ready to go anywhere because you are glowing naturally. As we know we do makeups for looking good but if we are naturally beautiful then who needs makeup.

so here we’re going to give some tips to grow up your eyebrows at home naturally what many of us lose is growing day by day by hormonal imbalance or stress and because of other complications. so let’s start it. Use eyebrows growth oil and massage gently for 2 minutes.use it 3 to 4 times a week for


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