How To Get Face Massage At Home Step By Step

How To Get Face Massage At Home Step By Step
Face Massage

Face massage is a very fun and relaxing experience. This makes you feel very fresh, relaxed, and flourished. According to beauticians and skin experts, a face massage once a month is very helpful for your skin. 

Facial massage not only enhances blood circulation but also removes all the toxins, excess oil, and dead cells from the skin but also it decreases the sign of aging helps to de-stress, remove all the puffiness around the eyes, and makes the skin seem very beautiful, clean, attractive, and shiny. It’s an excellent way to reducing your face and accentuate your jawline.

So let us tell you how to do facial massage, the benefits of facial massage, the best face massage cream, and oil face massage tools, face massage tips, and precautions. 

Best Massage Techniques To Get An Extra Glow

You can massage your face anywhere, be it at work, early in the morning, or ere you go to bed. Also, you can do face massage as many times as you want in a day or a week. Just confirm that you simply wash your hands before you massage your face in order that your face is free from all the dirt and bacteria. 

Tips To Do Face Massage

  1. Prepare for massage

Before you get massaged, make sure that there is no makeup on your face. So at first remove the makeup from your face then choose a comfortable place to sit. Make sure that the area around you is very clean. Collect all accessories for face massage. The towel and other massage accessories should be equally clean. 

Make sure the things like a face mask, toner, moisturizer, etc. are with you. Wash your hands before massaging.

  1. Start face massage

    1. Sit down comfortably to start face massage

To massage, sit in a comfortable chair. Before massaging the face, make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable position. 

    1. Apply face lotion or moisturizer

Apply lotion to the face first and gently rub it on the skin. Your lotion should be oil-free. It should also be easily absorbed. Take the lotion on hand first, and then use it to the face. Keep in mind that you don’t have to rub the face too much. 

    1. The sprint

Run your fingers everywhere on your face as if they’re sprinting. It’s like a warm-up that relaxes your facial muscles before you start with the massage. Gently move your finger in a zigzag motion. Then go backward stretching the skin in the opposite direction, you can do this exactly vertically as well.

This helps in compressing frown lines and also clears tensed muscles on your forehead. 

    1. Stress press

With the help of two fingers presses smoothly squeezes the temples of your forehead and leisurely progress from left to right in a circular motion. After this, just smoothly rob your eyebrows several times. Also, you can simply pinch the midst of your forehead and below your ears and just go over it in an annular motion.

These massages are a sure-shot stress buster. Move your finger throughout your under-eyes in a ‘C’ motion gently. This helps in decreasing puffiness nearby the eyes giving you feel relaxed and calm immediately. If you sense your skin is getting dragged then apply some more moisturizer.

    1. Cheeky push-ups

Stroke your hand in an up motion, do the orbicular motion from the middle to the edge of your cheekbones. Make sure you do this in upward motion always and not downward, this is wrong. This massage enhances blood flow giving your cheeks a pink flush of freshness. 

    1. Minus sinus

This one’s easy; just smoothly press your nose from the tip to the middle of your forehead. Your lymph nodes typically found under your chin and neck, accumulate all the toxins and push them down. Remove those toxins by pushing up them towards the neck.

Massage your face from the center to cheekbones; all these massages are making your facial muscles more active which promote slimming and toning of your face.

Those are some tips on how you have to do your facial massage. It’s really easy and effortless. You can perform this whole process for 15 to 20 minutes.

 5 Best Facial Massage Creams

There are many facial creams available on market but for the proper care of your skin, you have to find out the best facial massage cream. Here some best picks for the top facial massage cream. 

  1. Biotique Bio Quince seed Nourishing Face Massage cream for normal-dry skin, 50G.

Key features of this product

  • It increases skin glow

  • This cream contains essential oils

  • Give moisture to the skin

  • Removes scars from face

  • 100% herbal

  • Worthful and effective


  1. VLCC Pista massage cream

Key features of this product

  • Protects skin from harmful UV rays

  • Adds brightness to the skin

  • Removes pigmentation

  • Contains Pista extracts

  • Suitable for youthful skin

  • Removes dehydration of the skin

  1. Khadi Natural Rose and Aloe vera face massage gel,100G

Key features 

  • Contains natural rose extract

  • Aloe-vera makes the skin soft

  • Exfoliates and cleanse the skin 

  • Makes skin smooth to touch

  • Herbal and contains natural butter

  • Face looks fare

  1. Vaadi Herbals saffron skin-whitening massage cream

Key features

  • Pure and natural

  • Contains Saffron

  • Shea butter makes skin smooth

  • Consists lemongrass oil

  • Removes dead skin cells

  1. Joy skin fruits active moisture cream(500ML)

  • Contains fruit extracts

  • Makes skin soft

  • Gives a glow to the face

  • Removes dryness of the skin 

  • Reduces stress

  • Induce skin overall health

  • Last a very long time

Benefits of face massage oil

Experts are also proved that oil massage has many benefits. Especially, keeping in mind for the health of the skin, many people also use it adequately. Here some benefits of facial massage oil.

  1. Face massage oil removes the dryness of the skin

  2. It removes the wrinkles of the skin.

  3. Give extra glow skin.

  4. Helps in better blood circulation.

  5. Reduce stress

Best face massage tools

To get a good face massage you have to get a face massage tool. These tools are very helpful to get a great face massage. There are many face massages available in the market but some of our picks for the best face massage tools.
  1. Panache face massager

Panache the massager helps to bolster blood circulation, health, and nourishment of our skin and also makes a glow to your face. It is one of the best face massagers available in the market. 

  1. NOVA NFM-2507 compact face massager

This massager best for penetrating massage therapy. It comes with five peculiarities that help in getting you soft and youthful skin. 

  1. Braun face 810 facial epilators and cleansing

Braun faces 810 cleansings are couples of two facial therapies in one device. It is designed for losing makeup, oil, and pollutants.

  1. Jade rollers

Jade Roller is a kind of beauty tool used as a facial treatment. It helps to beat many sorts of skin problems. Jade Roller also, helps decrease fat from the face, improves blood circulation, removes scars, and flushes out toxins in your face.

  1. Sculpting bars

Sculpting bars are one the most common and easily available massage tools. They especially help in tighten, tone and skin, that’s why it gives bestanti-aging benefits. This tool also benefits in reducing indications of aging like pigmentation, wrinkles, etc.

Facial massage is the most important therapy to get a healthy and glowing face. To get proper care for your skins you have to do massage dally with the best massage creams and oils. Choose the product that suits your skin type. You also can take help from professionals to get a great facial massage. 

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