How To Put on Eyeliner | What is Magnetic Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a cosmetic used to define the eyes. It is used around the eye on the upper and lower lash lines in order to look pretty in the eyes. And there’s many ways or various types of liner girls use to apply in makeup and it enhances the whole look especially eye makeup, it gives a very beautiful look to the eye, and yet there are many eyeliner types like a winged liner, cat eyeliner, Arabic and simple so on.


Specially Indian girls like to apply eyeliner in their makeup, if they doing no makeup but normally they just apply a very thin eyeliner to make a pretty eye, nowadays makeup is like in the air means even teenagers doing a lot of makeups either they are going for tuition or any other classes or colleges they love to do it.


                                                                                      Eyeliners makeup tutorial

So let’s come guys here we are gonna tell you that how to apply eyeliner to your beautiful eye. Now many of you think that it’s so easy to apply what so big deal but many girls are there who even don’t know to hold the eyeliner brush they don’t even know to apply it properly on the upper eyelash line they can’t create in spite they want to wear liner but they don’t know the way and techniques for making a proper eyeliner look.

How To Put on Eyeliner What is Magnetic Eyeliner

So come here, just pull the outer corner of your eyes very lightly and then start applying eyeliner from the outside to inside over the lash line from a little high to a low point of there and then come to the inner corner along with dragging that point now if there’s any resist in the between then fill the gap and its done. now if any extra or any harsh liner in the outside of the eye corner then just take some concealer on an angled brush and just apply it in the angle way that the corner liner doesn’t fade but the extra get clean and now it’s done.


Winged Eyeline Tutorial

Many of you like to have a normal eyeliner or non-winged liner but many you like to have a beautiful wingy eyeliner and its looks beautiful at the same time especially on the big size eyes it even makes it more vibrant and beautiful or the center of attraction.


Winged eyeliner becomes a new trend again like the ’70s ’80s 90’s Bollywood divas are seen to have such big winged eyeliner and now again it’s become a new trend to have it again, it can be seen again on a big or small screen on both the actresses to wearing such liners.

SO If you are also one of them who don’t know to apply a proper wing liner but wish to make it so no worry girls we are here to guide you to get a beautiful wing eyeliner look.

First thing you need to do that see that if your eyes are big size then the wing eyeliner will look good on you but in case you have small means hooded eyes then you should go with a thin and very little wing or non-winged eyeliner.

And one more thing that wing eyeliner is looking more beautiful if a young girl carrying it is doesn’t look as good as it should be on some old-aged ladies so these are just some points to keep remember.


Use any of your favorite eyeliner like black, blue, green, or shimmery, etc as your choice and even the textures you like to wear either gel base, liquid, or pencil.

Take the eyeliner on the brush and just pull the outer corner of the eye lightly and then start applying eyeliner from the outer to inner side of the lash line from a little high point and then come to low and start dragging a line thick or thin of your choice from outer to the inner side and stop to come on the inner corner of the eye.

Now you see that your is perfect or not if there’s any gap so fill it and the outside is now perfect then take some concealer on an angled brush and just apply it to the edge of the angle area of the outside eyeliner where the wing is made just clean the mess or residue or extra and give it an angle look so yes it’s done.

2.This one method is one the best for beginners who are new to it. You all need to do this that just take any sellotape and cut it around 2 to 3 inches and then set it from the outside of the eye hence from the lower lash line to the area where your eyebrows ending.

It’s should create an angled eyeliner so according to that the tape should make an angle from lower to upper from the lower lash line to the end of the eyebrow and now apply the eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye and follow the sellotape direction.

After application of the eyeliner thin or thick more or fewer wings as per your choice and here you done and then remove the tape and you will found the perfect wing eyeliner shape because all the extra or mess will fall on the cello tape and you will get a fine pretty beautiful winged eyeliner eye.


How To Put on Eyeliner What is Magnetic Eyeliner


There are many types of eyeliner in the market easily and everybody has their own taste about it that what they like to use. There are many like gel base, liquid base, pencil eyeliner, sketch eyeliner n all.

Pencil and sketch are the best options if you are a beginner in this liquid are somehow quite tricky but no worry here you will get some tricks and techniques to apply this.

First of all, see straight ahead on the mirror that where is your lash line exactly because following your lash line you can use any eyeliner easily.

Just take your liquid eyeliner all of the liquid eyeliner comes with its own brush but in case if you don’t have that brush so just take any angled brush and apply the liner following the lash line.

Apply the liner exactly straight to the lash line don’t start applying by upward or downward of the sides. Now follow the lash line and then after applying there hold on and look that the lower lash line what’s naturally going upward direction till the end of eyebrows.

So take anything like any brush and measure the side in the same angled way so here you can make any winged eyeliner easily or any type of liner easily.


So now let’s know that can we use kajal as eyeliner in case if you forget or the eyeliner is unavailable at the moment so can we use kajal as eyeliner so of course girls the answer is yes you can use it as eyeliner so let’s see how do we create an eyeliner using the kajal.

So choose a kajal that’s a smudge-proof because if it’s not then your whole look may become a disaster so avoiding this mess choose a kajal that is smudge-proof along with more pigmented that you can get a prominent look.

Now start the process start applying the kajal on the lower waterline if the eye doesn’t stop on just one stroke but make it a proper look apply more times on the water lines of the eye and over the lash line now come to the upper lash line apply kajal on the edge of the lash lines follow the lash line makes a wing by pulling up the eye corner by upwards.

Now apply kajal and make a little wing and just pull the kajal with a pinky finger at outside to make proper eyeliner look so once it’s done in upward and downward said of eyes both so the eyeliner look by kajal is ready, and it’s amazing and one the easy and best option so girls go for it try this one.


Note one thing that if you have hooded eyes then don’t apply the kajal in your lower lash line fully and even don’t apply the kajal in water lines as it makes your eyes appearing, even more, smaller so whenever you use kajal or eyeliner in small eyes avoid using it in the full eyes just apply

This over the upward lashes and for the downward side just apply kajal or liner to the half lash lines as it creates a big eye look and doesn’t use any kajal or liner even in the lower waterline but yes you can use the white kajal it’s more dramatic even your eyes will appear big and give you a stunning look.


Pencil eyeliner is the best option if you are a beginner but It also has a poor side that it doesn’t last as others any eyeliner does. Gel eyeliner is the very best option as it doesn’t fade up or smudge but stays long and never mess up but the pencil eyeliner does.

So if you are using pencil eyeliner use the smudge-proof one and yes don’t forget to prime up your eyes that the excess oil removes so then now after drying your eyelid now apply the pencil eyeliner.

Pull out the outer corner of your eyes very lightly and then make points that will guide you to make eyeliner line starts from the middle of the upper lash line and go to the outer corner of your eyes try to create the dots very close to the lash line now combine all the dots and make a fine line and fill the gap if any is there so and then drag the line to the inner corner of the eye and yes here you go the liner is done.

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