How Much Manicure And Pedicure

Manicure(nail trim) is a beauty treatment, particularly for hands and nails. In the wake of completing the Manicure, your hands begin feeling spotless, soft, and wonderful.

This treatment is for processes such as polishing, shaping, filing, and cutting. manicure is available for both men and women.

How many types of Manicures 

What Is Pedicure And Manicure Step by step At Home

Here we included some most types of manicures. may these steps will help you to look your hands awesome.

  1. Hot oil manicure
  2. Spa manicure
  3. Reverse French manicure
  4. Basic manicure
  5. 3D manicure

French manicure

Have you always wanted to do French Manicure on your own but never did thinking it’s too difficult well then you have clicked on the right article?

 Today I am going to share five easy ways to DIY this beautiful French Manicure so without further time waste let’s get started.

French Manicure is one of the simplest and world’s most loved manicures but I know it can get difficult because it is a straight line to be drawn

This can be tricky for some of us but hey my lovelies don’t you worry I am going to share a quick tip further in this article which is completely going to solve this problem.

Preparing nails

so let’s get started with our first DIY method after I have prepared the nails with the base coat

I start by using the smallest dotting tool I pick some white polish and start drawing along the smile line of my nail

I am going really slow and drawing the line using this stippling motion after I have drawn the line I will straight away pick the french manicure nail polish brush and fill the area towards

The edge for the second method I am directly going to use the nail polish brush as you can see I am trying to hold up still while moving my finger from left to right this simple technique gives me a really clean straight line for the French tip then simply go back and apply the second layer to look more opaque

Cut a small piece of scotch tape and apply it

now for the next method, I am going to cut a small piece of scotch tape and apply it gently along a small line of my nail then simply fill in the uncovered area with a white finish it is very important to remove the scotch tape while the polish is still wet removing the scotch tape

When the white polish has dried make wipe some of the white polish and ruin the French tip.

Use the nail polish brush

The next method is again really simple and easy I straightaway use nail polish brush and make some vertical strokes to create.

 The French tip don’t worry if it doesn’t give you the straight line will fix this by using a Q-tip dipped in the nail polish remover like curve

French tips you always do so using this method in the last method I am simply going to use a toothpick to draw a line along the smile line

That wonderful who would have thought that we could create a French tip using a toothpick but they here I am all about the DIY here I am creating French tip using a toothpick now before I move on to the next I make sure to clean the edges properly.

French manicure at the home final step

This next step I am going to show will make the biggest difference if you really want your

French Manicure to stand out please get yourself a milky translucent polish as I have here just one layer of this polish is going to hide away all that yellowish surface that you might have gotten due to excessive use of french manicure nail polishes and if you are worried about the lines of your French Manicure are not as perfect as you want

Just don’t worry because this one layer of polish is going to fade away all those little imperfections and as always the last step is to apply a good quality top coat to extend the life of our French Manicure.

I really hope my friends that the DIY methods shown in this content will make a French Manicure so much easier for you

what is a pedicure?

What Is Pedicure And Manicure Step by step At Home


Pedicure is a beauty treatment with the help of scrubbing the feet, nails and below the knee by scrubbing.

Nail polish is applied by cutting the nails in the right shape and the legs are made beautiful. In this article, I will tell you the procedure of pedicure which will be different for home and parlor.

Pedicure for men and women can both keep their feet beautiful Pedicure at the salon

 ● Put Pedicure shampoo in the tub Fill the warm water in the tub

 ● Put Pedicure shampoo in the tub

 ● Fill the warm water in the tub 

● Put Pedicure salt while water fills the tub

 ● Pour Hydrogen peroxide

 ● Fill the tub 80% 

● Invite the client

 ● Open the cleaned pedicure pack and take a nail shaper and eliminate nails as required.

 ● Use a nail file to shape the nails apply fingernail skin cream.

An important step in pedicure Use fingernail(cuticle) skin pusher to apply fingernail skin cream Dip the legs in the water for few moments to soak Push the dead skin as required

Use fingernail skin remover to eliminate the dead skin assuming any. Cautious advance in the pedicure. Use foot brush alongside pedicure cleanser to wash the foot to clean

Use steel foot scraper to remove calluses/cracks/warts. Use it gently 

● Use a wood scraper to shave any calluses/cracks

● Apply scrub to the foot and do a gentle massage ● Use nail buffer for nail buffing

 ● Apply foot massage cream and do gentle massage

 ● Apply nail paint 

● Use acetone to clean color if necessary 

● Apply nail top coat after applying color Pedicure procedure at salon ends here pedicure at home So,  I am finally going to tell you the easiest way to do a pedicure at home with four things only. You can save the expenses of a pedicure kit and spa by doing a pedicure at home.

 So, first of all, we need a bucket full of tap water (if warm water is not available). Then, I’m adding shower gel to the water. If you don’t have shower gel then you can add shampoo (both work the same).

It will help in getting rid of dirt easily. We also need a nail filter and a pair of tweezers. So, I put my feet in the water for at least 15 minutes and relaxed.

Make sure to wear a dirty pair of trousers while doing this because it can get a little messy. Now, I’m not a professional but that’s how I do my pedicure designs and it works for me.

I think every one of you can do it at home with the least amount of resources especially in quarantine these days.

 After 15 minutes, my feet are quite soft now. So with the help of a nail filer, I will gently remove dead skin from the side of my nails. 

As I’m putting the pointy tip of filer on my skin this dead skin is coming off itself. Make sure not to put (very) hard pressure on it because you know it’s not good.

 That’s dead skin! Keep a tissue with you so you can wipe the filer on it while (you know) you’re removing the dead skin. My tissue was out of the frame unfortunately but make sure you have it.

I know the article is a little gross but you guys called it upon yourself.

 So with one website of the towel, I’m going to remove dead skin in circular motions. Make sure you are getting every little corner and space like I am doing it.

 To be honest, it feels so good and makes feet look so clean. You know, even though all of us are at home but you still have to dress up, look better. I have never ever done things for other people to see.

 So, if you’re not dressing up because you are not going out then it’s the wrong girl! Try dressing up! Looking better! And you know, you will see the shift in your mood. You have to comment if you try this.

 Okay? To be honest, I think we should stop doing things for people because (you know!) people are temporary in your life and the only constant person in your life is you, yourself! So, love yourself and do things for yourself.

 Do you agree with me? I’m doing the same circular motions on my feet everywhere. Oh my God! It tickles! It tickles! Okay! Exfoliating in a circular motion increases blood flow, removes the skin build-up easily, and detoxifies your body. 

Now, this might sound dirty but play with your feet like this every now and then.

 You know, feet have pressure points of the entire body and it will rejuvenate your whole body. Circular motions! Remember! Just be careful and don’t put much pressure here because the skin is really soft here (or what you say)sensitive here.

Yeah! Now, I am cleaning my toenails from every corner and side. This will prevent fungal infections and odor.

Then, I am going to clean everything with a wet towel from every side for a cleaner appearance.

Now, I’m removing hair with tweezers and finally applying a moisturizer. This step is very important because due to exfoliation

My feet are dry and after exfoliation, the moisturizer penetrates really well into the skin.

 Massage each finger separately and you will be in heaven. Like I am! Circular motions are the best! This feels really good.

Trust me! Just try this and you will know. Comment under if you try it. Did you notice that as I’m massaging my feet, it is glowing more and more! That’s why I love pedicure massage and I don’t wait for people to come and give me the massage.

I give it to me! Also, use your knuckles to press those pressure points and it feels very relaxing. Do it every night while you apply moisturizer (like the massage). It feels so good.

So, finally, the pedicure is done and my feet look so better and glowing. Isn’t it! You know once your feet are clean then you feel so good about yourself and look even after eight hours my feet are glowing.

Questions about pedicure ideas

What do you need for a pedicure?

 a bucket full of water, shower gel, nail filer, a pair of tweezers, Hydrogen peroxide, etc.

Are Pedicures important? 

yes, a pedicure is important if you want to look good what is called a pedicure? cleaning foot and nails is called a pedicure


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